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For Champions who love to PvP, the AFK function is a required link for all PvP games.  So what is the best place to go AFK?  Below is a list of the AFK maps for both Safe Zone and PvP.



AFK Locations:






VIP Chamber

1.       The VIP Chamber is for VIP's ONLY!  Champions must be level 62 and above to join.

2.       Many BOSSes are located around the VIP Chamber map.  These BOSSes drop rare equipment.

3.       This is a PvP map, and can be re-entered without penalty.

4.       Once BOSS is slain, it will re-spawn after a certain specified time.







Wild AFK

Other than the above AFK maps you can also AFK in the Wild.  Champions must be cautious when AFKing in the Wild as other monsters can come and kill you.


Wild AFK maps are also limited by Level.  This is to protect players from AFKing in a difficult map where the chance of death is higher.




It is a good idea to use EXP potions that can be purchased from the Shop when going AFK.  This will greatly increase the EXP gained.