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Dragon Ring

Dragon Ring

Complete the required tasks to unlock specific Dragon Rings.  There are a total of 5 Rings that will give Champions extra added Bonus DMG when Equipped.  Dragon Ring will be unequipped each time you go offline or revive.




When a Champion reaches EVO 2 they will unlock Dragon Ring Rank function.  Complete quests to increase the Rank of your Dragon Ring.  All 5 rings will be upgraded at the same time.  You have 8 attempts per day to complete required quests.  If you miss attempts today, they will not be accumulated to the next day.  You can use Gold to increase the success rate of upgrading Dragon Ring.




1.  When a Champion reaches EVO 4 they will unlock the Dragon Ring Craft function.  This will allow Champions to increase the base stats of the ring and also to gain special abilities that are only available by Crafting Dragon Ring.

2.  You will need specific Ring Shards to construct in the Forge interface.

3.  Dragon Ring Shard Chests will give Champions a chance to gain different Shards for different Dragon Rings.

4.  Some Dragon Ring Shards are only available during specific Events.




1.    Crafting Rings will give you special Ring Skills.

2.    Only Equipped Ring Skills will be activated.

3.    Maximum 5 skills for Dragon Ring.





You can Refine Dragon Ring DMG and/or Dragon Ring DEF.  Refining will consume Glyph Stones that can be found in the shop.