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Dragon Wing

Dragon Wing

1.  Dragon Wing unlock when Champion reaches Lv. 65.

2.  Dragon Wings can be upgraded 10 times.  Each level requires you to upgrade Dragon Wings to 9 stars.  Once you reach 9 stars you will have an option to upgrade your Wing's to the level.

3.  Each star level will increase your Dragon Wing Stats.  The higher the level the greater the stats.

4.  Feathers are needed to upgrade Dragon Wings.  These can be found be slaying Lv. 70 and above BOSS and/or bought in the Shop.





You can use the AUTO function to automatically upgrade your Wings.  The feathers will be consumed from your bag first.  If you run out of feathers the AUTO system will be halted.  If you click on auto-buy, the system will automatically buy the required feathers from the shop.  Use with caution.







Training your Dragon Wings will increase DMG Reduction and increase your CP.

1Consume Dragon Wing Souls to train your Dragon Wings.

2Dragon Wing Souls can be found by slaying EVO 1 and above BOSS, and/or bought in the shop using Bound Gold and Gold.