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Escort Chariot

1、  2X Escort daily at 14:30-15:00 18:30-19:00.  Champions can Escort a total of 3 times.  Those we have the highest rating during this time will receive Bonus Rewards.  Escorting in a party and/or assisting other Champions during Escort will also give you Bonus EXP.

2、  You can escort a total of 3 times daily and assist other's 10 times daily.




1、  You can use a Chariot Tome to refresh the Chariot's rarity.  The rarer the Chariot the greater the rewards.

2、  The first three Chariots cannot be robbed and movement SPD will not be decreased.  Escorting the last two chariots (rare) will have a chance to be raided by other players and movement SPD is decreased by 60%.

3、  Each Champion can only raid chariots 10 times a day.  If raided successfully the Escorting Champion will drop items.



A party of 2 members and above will receive Bonus Rewards when escorting.  The more champions the greater the rewards.  After you finish your 3 attempts each player has another 10 attempts to assist Escort Chariot.  If you halt assisting other champions Escort Chariot midway, you will lose out on the rewards.