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Gem SystemOnce your champion reaches a certain level you will be able to enter Twilight Quarters.

Gem TypesATK GemCrit GemHP GemDEF GemMDEF GemPoison DEF Gem.

Gem QualitiesCommonUncommonRarePreciousUnique

Ways to acquire GemsCrystal Cove (Twilight Quarters)Treasure HuntEvents


Champions may enter different levels of Crystal Cove (Twilight Quarters) depending on your EVO and Level.


Crystal Cove (Twilight Quarters) contains BOSSes and small monsters that drop Gems.

TimeDaily 10:00-22:00, can stay a maximum for 30 min.  Time will continue to be counted even if you leave the Dungeon.



Gem's are socketed into weapons and army to increase your Combat Power.  If you have a negative alignment and you die, you have a chance to drop items you have equipped.  Gem's will not be dropped and will be returned to your bag. 

Different Gem's are socketed into different equipment.  Gems can be upgraded by combining them and/or using Gem Dust.  Gem's can also be energized using Gem Insignia to further increase the stats made available to your Champion.