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Guild System

1.       Apply for Guild

Champions can use the Guild Function after reaching Level 35.  You can apply to join available guilds.  You can also create your own guild by click the "create" button and consuming the required items.




2.       Guild Events

Once you are in a Guild you can join your guild members to defeat the Guild Altar BOSS, Guild War Siege, and the ultimate battle Guild War League. 




3.       Guild Creation

A Guild's level can be upgraded from the Guild interface.  By upgrading your Guild's Level you can increase the Max. Population of your Guild.  Guild Members can also use Contribution to exchange for specific Equipment only available in the Guild Shop.





No man can withstand a whole army.  Joining and/or creating Guild is extremely important if you want to dominate Nidia.  The Guild Siege and Cross-Server Guild League is where your Guild's power will be tested. 


4.  Guild Altar BOSSLvl. 2 Guild to unlock

Guild members can contribute items to the Guild Altar to unlock the Guild Altar BOSS.  You can contribute Max. 20 times per day.  The more contributions the higher the level of the BOSS.  The higher the level the greater the drops.




5.  Guild SkillsGuild Level 3 to Unlock

Guild members can upgrade Guild Skills to greatly help them in battle.  When a Champion's Guild Rank is demoted internally, Guild Skill Effects will also be reduced.  When a Champion leaves a guild, guild skills are removed.  80% of the Bound Gold used for upgrading Guild Skills will be returned to the players and 50% of Exchange Pts.