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Newbie Guide 1

Rapid Level-up


Level is an important stats in the game, you will need to reach different levels in order to unlock different functions. Therefore, we need to master ways to level-up rapidly.

1.     Main Quests – Finish all the main quests, when available,  to gain lots of experience.

2.     Slayer Experience – It is a must to complete the Slayer Experience after finishing the Main Quests. However, the experience you receive in Slayer Experience is corresponding to your level. The higher level you are, the more experience you will get.

3.     Oblivion Point – It provides fixed experience.  Complete it everyday first, then decide whether you want to buy additional attempts to flip more cards to gain bonus experience..

4.     Demon Abyss – It provides massive of experience and it doesn’t take much time to complete. You can finish it in several minutes.

5.     Kill BOSS – You can receive many different equipments by killing BOSSes. Recycle those you don’t need to obtain experience to level up.

6.     Escort Chariot – There are 2x rewards for Escort Chariot twice a day. Each player can escort 3 Chariots each day. Complete this during the 2x reward event.

7.     Worship – Currently, Worship is on all the time, but more rewards during 17:30-18:00 everyday. Try to do it during this time. When you are busy and can’t engage in the game, you can go Worship or killing Wild BOSSes in AFK mode to gain tons of experience. Remember to use the EXP Potion!



Increase Combat Power (CP)

Combat Power (CP) is what we are going after in the game. We always looking for CP increment everyday to get the feeling of becoming stronger. However, we usually don’t know how to increase our CP rapidly. Hence, we need to understand the tricks to boost our CP quickly.

1.     First Recharge – First Recharge can greatly increase our CP. We can activate the Gaia Ring through and only through First Recharge. Equip Gaia Ring to increase 4,000 CP in order to achieve our initial goal - to increase CP tremendously. blob.png

2.     Equipment – During the early stage of the game, we mainly increase our CP by level up our equipments. Each 10 levels have a different set of equipments. The equipments of the early stages are basically for our temporary use. Starting from Lv.60, the level-up effects are very obvious; hence, buy the first gift pack of Server Launch Packs in order to increase your CP and stay ahead of other players. The ways to obtain later stages equipments are: Treasure Hunt, and Kill BOSS. For those who have more Gold, go to collect different equipments through Treasure Hunt; and for those who have less, go kill more BOSSes to collect equipments. On the other hand, enhance your equipments by Enhance Stones. You can obtain Enhance Stones through: 1. Shop; 2. Kill Mobs to get lower level Enhance Stones.  Combine lower level enhance stones to higher level and develop your Stats by enhancing your equipments.

3.     Mount – Besides representing the appearance of the character, Mount provide one of the major Stats – Attack. Level up the mount can greatly increase your attack stats; and attack stats play an important role in your Attack Effects. Under the same Stats but with higher attack stats, you will have advantage over others. Use Mount Crystal to upgrade the Mount, which can be obtained through: 1. Nidia Gift Pack; 2. Roaring Burrows; 3. Shop; 4. EVO Rewards (Corresponding EVO Lv. required). There is rare limited edition Mount for sale in Launch Extravaganza (limited quantity).


4.     Wings – Stats of Wings are opposite to Mount, it provides the Defense Stats. It increases the survival rate of champion in PVP. Its appearance becomes better as it’s being upgraded.  Upgrade the Wings by Feathers, which can be obtained through: 1. Level Up Rewards; 2. [EVO] Rewards; 3. Shop; 4. Guild War; The Creator’s Crypt; 5. Limited Sales Event. Also, Use Wing Souls to upgrade the Wings training level, which can be obtained through: 1.  BOSS Drops; 2. Shop. Indeed, you can also use Dragon Wings Training Pill to increase the Stats, obtain it through: 1. Cross Server Shop; 2. Limited Sales Event; 3. Value Pack. There is rare limited edition Dragon Wing for sale in Launch Extravaganza (limited quantity).


5.     Dragon Skills – Unlocked at EVO 1, upgrade Dragon Skill can increase your Stats while it will unlock different Skills for different classes. Use Potentials to upgrade your Dragon Skills. Potentials can be obtained through: 1. Nidia Rewards; 2. Lucent Pits; 3. Shop; 4. [EVO] Rewards.


6.     Mount Train and Wings Train – Train is another way to upgrade your Mount or Wings. Effects is not obvious during the early stages, however, the increase of DMG Reduction and Increased DMG could be critical factors for your victory at later stages. This can be understood easily when you think about the effects of increasing your DMG to others while reducing their DMG to you.

7.     Dragon Ring – You can upgrade your Dragon Rings in 2 ways: 1. Upgrade (unlocks at EVO 2); 2. Craft (unlocks at EVO 4). You can increase your stats of attack and defense through upgrade. Use Ring Upgrade Orb to upgrade your Ring which can only be obtained the Daily Quests. Craft can increase your Stats tremendously. Each Ring has its uniqueness and its own Bonus Stats. Each Ring has its own way to be obtained; therefore, the Server Launch Pack is very important. The Gaia Double Ring can only be obtained the Server Launch Pack.


8.     Gems – Gems are the annex to equipments; the system unlocks at EVO 2. The number of Gems can be socket depends on the level of the equipment. The corresponding number of Gems can be socket for EVO 2 / 3 / 4 /6 / 8 / 10 are 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6. The grading of Gems are (starting from the lowest to the highest quality): Common, Uncommon, Rare, Precious, and Unique. Socket Gems can greatly increase the character’s Stats. Use Gem Dust to upgrade Gems, which can be obtained through: 1. Twilight Quarters; 2. Shop.


9.     Pet – Pet unlocks at EVO 2. The bonus Stats of Pet is very minimal if we don’t level-up or star-up the Pet. Its main purpose is to increase Stats at later stages. To increase Stats, we can: 1. Star-up; 2. Pet Emblem. Star-up increases the basic stats of the Pet, while Pet Emblem develops different Pet’s Stats. Use Pet Pill to Star-up, which can be obtained through: 1. Buried Catacombs (unlocks at EVO 2); 2. Dark Stone (obtained through: i. Shop; ii. Gate of Resurrection; iii. EVO 8+ BOSS and Wild BOSS).


In conclusion, Killing BOSS is the fastest way to increase your CP; certainly, buying different items would be another fastest alternative.



Talking about PVP, we need to have better understanding of all 3 classes. We need to have not only in-depth familiarity of our own class, but also basic knowledge of others.

1.       Warrior Skills

-          Slash: Single Target, deals 100% DMG, Cool Down time (CD) 0.6 sec.

-          Ice Vortex: An attack by skill, deals 150% DMG, and chance to ignore enemy’s DMG Reduction; CD 1.5 sec.

-          Blade Fury: Deals 100% DMG to max 5 players around and last for 2.5 sec., and increase 15% of self DMG Reduction; CD 4 sec. Character can move around during engaging this skill.

-          Blink Strike: Charge to a single target from distance, deal 100% DMG and stun target for 1 sec; CD 10 sec.

-          Dragon Strike: Deal 350% DMG to closest target, with high chance of deal Crit strike. CD 10 sec. Very useful in PVP.

-          Essence Aura: Increase 25% of Crit chance to Slash, Ice Vortex, Blade Fury, and Blink Strike after using this skill. CD 20 sec.


2.       Mage Skills

-          Fireball: Attack single target and deal 100% DMG; it will upgrade to multiple target attack after Dragon Skill upgrade to Rank 1; CD 0.6 sec.

-          Thunder Strike: Deal 300% DMG to single target, with low chance to stun target; CD 3 sec.

-          Breathe Fire: Deal 100% DMG to nearby targets, max 5 targets, not recommend to use for single target attack; CD 3 sec.

-          Mana Shield: Reduce 40% DMG from enemy for 120 sec; CD 30 sec.

-          Inferno Strike: Deal 100% DMG to target and surrounding; burn the ground for 8 sec to deal 75% DMG to any target in the area; CD 10 sec.

-          Teleport: Instantly move toward the mouse pointer and debuff; CD 10 sec.


3.       Archer Skills

-          Precision: Normal single target attack, deal 100% DMG; CD 0.6 sec.

-          Scatter Shot: An attack skill to multiple targets, deal 200% DMG to max 5 targets; CD 2 sec.

-          Deadly Shaft: Deal 100% DMG to single target; target will be poisoned for 9 sec. and deal 8% DMG/sec.; ignore armor for 10%. Poison effect can stack up to 3x. Short CD, try to use this with other skills to increase DMG.

-          Searing Arrow: Deal 100% DMG, target will be knocked back. This skill can give you more time to attack or to escape.

-          Heaven Storm: Long range attack deal 300% DMG; the longer the distance, the greater the DMG, with Max 25% Bonus DMG. This is Archer’s main Single Target skill. Use with Searing Arrow to reach max. DMG.

-          Blinding Light: After use, the chance to Dodge will increase for 4 sec. and increase movement speed for 25%. If use properly, great chance to avoid many different skills, such as Warrior’s Blink Strike.


Now, let’s take a look at the PVP tactics for each class:

Warrior: The major role of Warriors is to invade enemies, mainly use Blind Strike to get close to enemy and use Dragon Strike to deal large DMG to target. If the opponent is Mage, it is suggested to use Ice Vortex with Dragon Skill Rank 1+, with great chance to ignore the target’s DMG Reduction. If the target is Archer, use Blade Fury to get close to the target because Archer has the Dodge skill. After target’s dodging skill is off, attack him/her with skills like Dragon Strike or Ice Vortex.

Mage: Mage is good at team battle. After unlock Dragon Skill Rank 5, all of the skills become group attack and the CD for Thunder Strike is only 3 sec. Comparing to the CD of 10 sec of skills of other classes, Thunder Strike gives Mage advantage over others. During the group battle, Mage should attack the targets by hiding behind Warriors teammates. For PVP, use Teleport at the right time, such as when Warrior is using Blink Strike, use Teleport to stay a distance from your enemy. As long as the enemy can’t get close to you, you can attack back from a distance and avoid DMG.

Archer:  Role of Archer in a battle is Sniper, use the far distance attack skill, Heaven Storm, to start attack your enemy before they can even get close to you. Searing Arrow is very effective in keeping distance from your enemy. Blinding Light provides very high survival rate during dangerous moment. The major attack skills are: Scatter Shot, Heaven Storm, and Deadly Shaft.



During PVP, you will decrease your Charm when you kill a player with name in white color. Your Charm has direct effect on triggering your maximum attack. When your Charm reaches 10, each attack will deal maximum DMG.

There is a chance that you will drop your equipment, either from your Bag or your equipped equipment, after you are killed in PVP.

There are different 5 types of PVP modes:


Neutral – Do not attack any champion.

Justice – Target non-aligned champions only.

Party – Target non-party champions.

Guild – Target non-guild champions.

Chaotic – Target all champions

When Champions with name in red color attack other champions, the color of the name will not change.

When champion attack champions with name in any color other than red, the name will turn to grey color. There will be no change when attacking champions with name in red color.

When champion attack champions with name in any color other than white, there will be no change in name color. After killing 1 champion with name in white color, it’ll increase 100 Kill Meter points and Alignment points. When Alignment points reach 200, the champion name color will change to red. Champions with name in red color have high chance to drop equipment after being killed.