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Newbie Guide 2


There are many different rewards given to champions, some for free (such as Daily Rewards and Level-up Rewards) and some for sale at discount prices. Each require different criteria.

1.       Daily Rewards

There many different kinds of rewards under Daily Rewards, including:

-          Sign-In: Simply sign in each day to collect rewards.

-          Login: Different rewards are given to champions for each day of login, from Day 1 to Day 7.

-          Online Rewards: It requires champions to stay in the game for certain period of time to receive different rewards.

-          Level: When Champions reach to certain character levels, different rewards will be given.

-          Weekly: Champions can collect different weekly rewards based on the champions’ online time in the first 3 weeks after server launched, max 70 hours per week.

-          Offline EXP: Champions can still earn EXP during offline time for free. To rapidly gain experience, you can choose to purchase 6x EXP.

-          Emblem EXP: VIP 4+ Champion can gain Dragon Emblem EXP for free while offline.

-          Recoup: Spend Bound Silver to claim 50% or spend Gold to retrieve 100% of the unclaimed rewards.


2.       Level Up Rewards

Upgrade your Mount, Dragon Wing, Dragon Skill, Evolution, Dragon Scales, Dragon Pearl, Gem CP, and Equipment to different levels to claim corresponding rewards for free.



Different events are being held all day long. Make sure you will join as many events as possible to gain many different rewards, including EXP, Mount Crystals, Feathers, Enhance Stones, Bound Gold/Silver, Equipments, Dark Stones, Luck Rune, Dragon Ring Shards, Evolution Orb, Reputation, Wardrobes, BOSS Pts., Arena Pts., and many more. This can greatly help you to level up.


Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a must-do everyday, through which you can gain tons of experience and many different items. When you complete to certain number of Quests, you will receive additional rewards based on your devotion points, which include the Lucky Scroll. Use the Lucky Scroll to do Treasure Hunt to claim different rare items. By checking the list of Daily Quest, you basically won’t miss any quests available to complete.


Launch Extravaganza

Launch Extravaganza is a server launch event. Don’t miss the chance to purchase many rare items with great value at discount prices. Each champion is limited to purchase each package once.


Investment Plan

Invest Gold to different plans to receive great return value. Plans include Mount Fund, Dragon Wing Fund, Bound Gold Fund, Equipment Enhance Fund, Gem Fund, and Dragon Ring Fund.


Leaderboard Rewards

Besides the top 10 champions of different ranking can claim the rewards, each champion is entitled to guaranteed rewards when they reach the required levels of each ranking, including Enhance Equipment, Gem CP, Dragon Scales, and Dragon Pearl. Make sure you will upgrade these as fast as you can to claim different great rewards.



Like and Share this game in your Facebook to claim many different free rewards with great value. Don’t miss this!


Nidia Rewards

Nidia Rewards is a server launch event and provides different high value packages at discount prices for different systems, including Mount, Dragon Wing, Dragon Skill, Dragon Ring, and Gem. Use of these packages can greatly increase your level in different systems.



Event being held in the 3rd week after server launched. Guild occupying the Kingdom at the end of the event can claim benefits on daily basis. Pay attention to what date and time the event starts and go fight the battle.


[EVO] Rewards

EVO Rewards allow champions to purchase different great value packages at discounted prices according to the EVO level.


Daily Dungeon

Daily Dungeon is another must-do on daily basis to gain items like Material, EXP, Gem, and Dragon Soul.

1.                   Creator’s Crypt – there are Roaring Brrows, Arcane Crypt, Windy Tombs, Lucent Pits, and Buried Catacombs. Each gives out experience and different materials, including Mount Crystals, Dragon Scale Shards, Feathers, Potential, and Pet Pills.

2.                   Buried Caverns – you will receive massive of experience in Demon Abyss and Oblivion Point.

3.                   Crystal Cove – Champions need to reach EVO level in order to enter, from which Gems will be rewarded.

4.                   Labyrinth – Champions enter to fight by level. After completing one level, champions will enter into next level, so on and so forth. Champions will be rewarded with Dragon Souls. Be aware of the Suggested CP and your Current CP.




Each champion can escort the chariot for 3 times and 10 times to assist each day. Complete this to claim lots of experience and bound silver. Do this during the 2x Delivery period at 14:30-15:00 and 19:00-19:30 to claim bonus rewards. Party Chariot will give bonus rewards, so team up with your friends to escort the Chariot. There are 5 different Chariot from Wild Horse, King’s Horse, Magical Camel, Angry Rhino, and Majestic Elephant, with different amount of rewards (from lower to higher).

Wild Horse, King’s Horse, and Magical Camel cannot be raided nor reduced speed. Angry Rhino and Majestic Elephant can be raided by other champions and speed be reduced by 60%. Chariot can be raided 10 times each day. Destroyed Chariot will drop items.

To start, it will put you on the lowest Wild Horse. Spend Chariot Tome and click the Refresh button to randomly obtain other chariot, it could be same, lower, or higher level of chariot.




There are 6 different maps that you can go in to kill BOSSes. Besides Ironwell that has limited attempts each day, BOSSes in other maps will refresh every period of time, which means that  you can keep on going in to kill BOSSes to collect different drop items. Remember! Keep killing BOSSes. This will greatly help you to get many equipments and items such as Wing Souls, Dragon Emblems, Talisman Shards, etc.        


Wild AFK

After completing all of the Daily Quests or when you are busy, go to Wild AFK to kill monsters in AFK mode to gain EXP, Dragon Emblems, and Talisman Shards, etc.



There are many guild wars n the game, such as Guild War, Domination War, and League etc.

1.       Guild War is being held every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00. First siege will be unlocked on the 4th day after server launched or merged. All guild are welcome to sign up, but champions have to be at level 65+.

During the battle, guilds need to fight to capture the flag of Nidia and hold them for 15 minutes.  Once a guild holds the flag for 15 minutes, the event ends and such guild become the Nidia Guild – the winner. If there is no guild can hold on the flag for 15 minutes, the guild occupying the flag at the end of the event becomes the Nidia Guild. Members of the Nidia Guild will get rewards, while defeated guilds will also receive rewards. The Nidia Guild will become the defending guild in the next battle.


2.       Domination War is a cross-server battle and opens every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00; only Nidia Guilds are qualified to enter. There are Main Territories(Kingdoms) and Affiliated Territories in the map. Each guilds will have its own Kingdom and fight to occupy Affiliated Territories. Affiliated Territory that is occupied by a guild for less than 15 minutes can be raided repeatedly until one guild can occupy it for 15 minutes. After an Affiliated Territory is occupied for 15 minutes, it cannot be raided. Guilds receive rewards from its occupied Affiliated Territories at the end of the event. Affiliated Territories belong to the last occupying guilds at the end of the event. Guild can earn points from occupying Affiliated Territories and assisting in battlefield. Each champion can gain more rewards by earning more points. Personal points will be sent thru email.

3.       League is a cross-server team battle, which opens every Wednesday and Saturday at 21:00-21:30. Champions need to team up with total of 3 to fight. Teams will receive Arena Points thru winning and slaying other champions, while loosing teams will still receive Guaranteed Arena Points. Arena Points can be used to redeem items in Arena Shop. Teams will be ranked according to the Arena Points they got at the end of the event. The top 3 teams will be rewarded with the highest honor and worshipped by all champions.



Pet system unlocks at [EVO 2].

Purple ranked pets can be obtained through events and Blue ranked pets through Arena Pt. Shop. Currently, there 7 pets and more to come later.

Pets can be upgraded by Pet Feed, which will increase the pets’ CP. Another way to upgrade is to use Pet Pills in the Pet Upgrade interface. This will greatly increase the pet’s stats. However, upgrade by Pet Pills may fail.

Pets have special passive skills that can be upgraded.  You need to acquire Pet Skill Books by exchanging Arena Pts in the Arena Shop.

Pet Emblem is another fantastic way to increase the base stats of your pet.  Emblem's are dropped by BOSSes or you can construct them in the Forge interface.



Gems are socket into weapons and armor to increase your Combat Power.  If you have a negative alignment and you die, you have a chance to drop items you have equipped.  Gems will not be dropped and will be returned to your bag. 

Different Gems are socket into different equipments.  Gems can be upgraded by combining them and/or using Gem Dust.  Gems can also be energized using Gem Insignia to further increase the stats made available to your Champion.

When your champion reaches [EVO 1], you will be able to enter Twilight Quarters (Crystal Cove)in Daily Dungeon. It contains BOSSes and small monsters that drop Gems.

TimeDaily 10:00-22:00, can stay a maximum for 30 min.  Time will continue to be counted even if you leave the Dungeon.

Gem TypesATK Gem, Crit Gem, HP Gem, DEF Gem, MDEF Gem, and Poison DEF Gem.

Gem QualitiesCommon, Uncommon, Rare, Precious, and Unique.

Ways to acquire GemsCrystal Cove (Twilight Quarters), Treasure Hunt, and Events.



Dragon Wing unlocks at level 65. It has total of 10 levels, and each level has 9 stars. Each time when you upgrade the wing to the 9 stars, your wing will level up. Each time when you upgrade the star level or level up the wing, your stats will increase. The higher your wing level is, the greater the stats. Feathers are required to upgrade the Dragon Wing, which can be collected in Guild War, the Creator’s Crypt,  Level Up Rewards, Treasure Hunt, or by slaying Lv.70+ BOSSes,  and/or bought in the shop.

There is an Auto function in upgrading your wing. By clicking the “Auto” icon, it’ll automatically upgrade your wing by consuming the Feathers in your Bag. When your Bag is running out of Feathers, the Auto system will halt. If you check on the “Auto-Buy” box, it will automatically purchase the required Feathers in the Shop to upgrade. Use it with cautious.

You can also Train the Dragon Wing, which will increase DMG Reduction and CP. Dragon Wing Souls are required to train your wing, which can be found by slaying BOSSes of EVO 1+, and/or bought in the Shop by Gold or Bound Gold.



In Blacksmith, you can upgrade your Dragon Emblem, Dragon Soul, Talisman, Dragon Scale, and Dragon Pearl.

1.                   Dragon Emblem – Unlocks at Lv. 45. Gain your Emblem EXP with EXP gained by slaying Lv.50+ monsters. When the Emblem EXP reaches the required amount, you can upgrade the Dragon Emblem to increase DMG Reduction. Max Dragon Emblem level is 150.

2.                   Dragon Soul – Upgrade Dragon Soul by Dragon Souls, which can be collected  by clearing floors in Labyrinth, to increase your HP, Crit DMG, and Crit Rate.

3.                   Talisman – Use Talisman Shards to upgrade Talisman. Collect Talisman Shards from Lv.50+ monsters drops. It will greatly increase Base HP and Potion effect.

4.                   Dragon Scale – Dragon Scale Shards are required to upgrade Dragon Scale, which will increase your DEF stats. Collect Dragon Scale Shards by clearing Arcane Crypt, Level Up Rewards, or buying in Shop by Gold or Bound Gold.

5.                   Dragon Pearl – Increase your Crit stats by upgrading the Dragon Pearl. Use Dragon Pearl Shards to upgrade, which can be found in Level Up Rewards or bought in the Shop.




Mount can be upgraded to total of 12 levels and 9 stars at each level. Upgrade to 9 stars to level up your mount. Each mount level has different appearance. Each upgrade / level up will increase your mount base stats. The higher the level, the greater the stats.

Mount Crystals are required to upgrade your mount, which can be found from BOSS drops, the Creator’s Crypt, the Forsaken Crypt, or bought in the shop or sales events.

There is an Auto function in upgrading your mount. By clicking the “Auto” icon, it’ll automatically upgrade your mount by consuming the Mount Crystals in your Bag. When your Bag is running out of Mount Crystals, the Auto system will halt. If you check on the “Auto-Buy” box, it will automatically purchase the required Mount Crystals in the Shop to upgrade. Use it with cautious.

Besides upgrading your mount, you can also train the mount to increase the mount stats. Mount Souls are required to train your mount. You can find Mount Souls in BOSS drops, Level Up Rewards, Treasure Hunt, Roaring Burrows, or buy it in Shop and/or Sales Events.



The major function of Forge system is to upgrade or enhance your equipments through:

1.                   Enhance – Enhance each of your equipments, especially those equipped, with enhance stones in corresponding level to the equipment level. By doing this, you can increase your equipments stats.

2.                   Refine – Refine each equipment with Refine Stones to increase the equipment stats. When the new stats is lower than your original stats, do not switch and try to refine again. When the new stats is higher than the original stats, click on switch to get the increased stats. Refine Stones can be collected in Daily Quests or bought in Shop.

3.                   Transfer – Transfer is to transfer the enhance level of your same type equipment to another. However, only do so if the transfer-from equipment has higher enhance level than the transfer-to equipment. Otherwise, it will bring down the enhance level.

4.                   Recycle – Recycle your unused or different class equipments to gain EXP and/or Bound Silver. It can also earn you Refine Stones.

5.                   Combine – This is to combine lower level Enhance Stones to a higher level Enhance Stone. For example, use 3x Lv.1 Enhance Stone to combine into 1x Lv.2 Enhance Stone.

6.                   Construct – Use same level of equipment to construct a higher level equipment. To construction EVO 1+ equipment, BOSS Pts. are also required. BOSS Pts. can be earned through killing BOSSes by team.

7.                   Awaken – Craft different Awaken Equipment under this system, including Dragon Emblem, Dragon Eye, Dragon Orb, and Dragon Shield. Each requires Awaken Shards to craft or upgrade. Awaken to certain levels to synthesize awakened equipment.

Awaken Shards drop in EVO 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 BOSS fight. EVO 10 BOSSes drop 4 shards and EVO 12 BOSSes drop 5 shards.

8.                   Demonic – Combine two identical Demonic equipment into a God Demonic Equipment, which will have enhanced and refined stats. God Demonic equipments have higher base stats and god skills. Enhance level and Refine stats will be transferred from the Demonic equipments to the God Demonic equipment after combining.



Dragon Ring

Complete the required tasks to unlock specific Dragon Rings.  There are a total of 5 Rings that will give Champions extra added Bonus DMG when Equipped.  Dragon Ring will be unequipped each time you go offline or revive.

1.                   Upgrade - Dragon Ring upgrade function will unlock when a Champion reaches EVO 2.  Consume Ring Upgrade Orb to upgrade the Rank of your Dragon Ring.  All 5 rings will be upgraded at the same time.  You have 8 attempts per day to complete required quests.  If you miss attempts today, they will not be accumulated to the next day.  Upgrade may not be successful, it goes by success rate. You can use Gold to increase the success rate.

2.                   Craft – Dragon Ring Craft function unlocks when a Champion reaches EVO 4. This will allow Champions to increase the base stats of the ring and also to gain special skills that are only available by Crafting Dragon Ring. You will need specific Ring Shards which can be constructed in the Forge interface or collected in Ring Shard Chests. Dragon Ring Shard Chests will give Champions a chance to gain different Shards for different Dragon Rings. Some Dragon Ring Shards are only available during specific events. Only Skills of Equipped Ring Skills will be activated. Maximum 5 skills for Dragon Ring.

3.                   Refine - You can Refine Dragon Ring DMG and/or Dragon Ring DEF. Dragon Ring DMG is real DMG that ignores DEF, DMG Reduction, and Emblem effects. Dragon Ring DEF reduces incoming DMG. Refining will consume Glyph Stones that can be found in the shop.


Dragon Skills

Dragon Skills unlock when your champion reaches EVO 1 Lv.75. You need to upgrade and unlock your Dragon Skills step by step. When a Dragon Skill is unlocked completely, you will activate an extraordinary skill. Use Potentials to upgrade your Dragon Skills. You can use Talent Crystals to redeem Potentials, which can be collected in Lucent Pits, Lv70+ BOSSes drops, or bought in Shop. Potentials can be collected in Daily Dungeon, Level Up Rewards, Treasure Hunt, Investment Plan, or  Shop.


Guild System

Guild system unlocks when champion reaches Lv.35. You can apply to join any available guilds or create your own guild which requires Lv.66+, Guild Token or VIP 2+, and 440 Bound Gold. Once you are in a Guild you can join your guild members to defeat the Guild Altar BOSS, Guild War Siege, and the ultimate battle Guild War League.

A Guild's level can be upgraded from the Guild interface.  By upgrading your Guild's Level you can increase the Max. population of your Guild.  Guild Members can also use Contribution to exchange for specific Equipment only available in the Guild Shop. No man can withstand a whole army.  Joining and/or creating Guild is extremely important if you want to dominate Nidia.  The Guild Siege and Cross-Server Guild League is where your Guild's power will be tested.

Guild Altar BOSS unlocks at Guild Lv.2. Guild members can contribute items to the Guild Altar to unlock the Guild Altar BOSS.  You can contribute Max. 20 times per day.  The more contributions the higher the level of the BOSS.  The higher the level the greater the drops.

Guild Skills unlock at Guild Lv.3. Guild members can upgrade Guild Skills to greatly help them in battle.  When a Champion's Guild Rank is demoted internally, Guild Skill Effects will also be reduced.  When a Champion leaves a guild, guild skills are removed.  80% of the Bound Gold used for upgrading Guild Skills will be returned to the players and 50% of Exchange Pts.



Character (Champion)

Character(Champion) menu provides all the information of your champion and you can upgrade/change the setting of your character in following systems:

1.       Evolution – Evolution (EVO) unlocks at Lv.75. Upgrade your EVO level can increase your champion stats and the max level of equipment your champion can equip. Max EVO Level is EVO 14. When you reach the required EVO Points and Champion Level, you can upgrade your Evolution Lv. Gain your EVO Pts. by Evolution Orb or by level down your champion level. Evolution Orb can be collected in Level Up Rewards, or buy from Shop.

2.       Boost – Boost unlocks at EVO 5 and Lv.95. Upgrade your Boost level increases your champion stats and activate corresponding skills. Indeed, you will get 1 Awaken Point for each Boost Level you upgrade. Awaken points are used to raise your Awaken Skills. Idealism is required to upgrade Boost level, which can be redeemed by your EXP, max 5 redemption each day. Redemption limit increases as VIP level increases.

3.       Rank – Rank unlocks at EVO 4. Upgrade your champion rank to increase stats and skills DMG. Reputations are required to upgrade Rank, which can be obtained by many different ways, such as increasing your Charm through completing Cross Server Daily Quests and events, top ranking in CP / Level / Daily Charisma etc. Click on each title under “All Titles” for details.

4.       Oath – Oath system unlocks on day 5 after server launched. Champions can form team through this system but they must form on the same map (except Nidia). Leader must be at EVO 3+ and team members must at EVO 1+. The team must have at least 2 members with intimacy of 1000+. Champions must Swear Oath. Team leader will get the title of “BOSS”. After pledging Oath, members will get experience buff and stats bonus buff. Sworn champions can only disband after 24 hours. Leader can only remove a member after the member is offline for 24 hours.




Worship is being held daily at 12:00-12:30 / 17:30-18:00. Champions need to reach Lv.65+ in order to participate. You can Worship twice a day.  By clicking on the statue in the middle of Nidia, you can Worship or Downvote the Ruler of Nidia to gain EXP Buff. Different level Champions will receive different EXP Buffs. You must be in a safe zone in order to receive EXP Buff.  You can further increase your EXP BUFF by using EXP Potion multipliers after worshipping.