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Thanksgiving-Black Friday Event 2017(Updated)

Nov 24 2017
Thanksgiving-Black Friday Event 2017(Updated)

Thanksgiving and Black Friday is in this week! They only come once a year, now is the best time for you to gain exclusive items and resources for your beloved hero. Lots of great deals, special offers, rare items are ready for you! Don’t miss out!


Thanksgiving Title

Join the in-game event (Kagarsa-Gift Unwrapping event) to receive the Thanksgiving Title.

Wear it to celebrate the Harvest time this year!

Thanksgiving title.png

Black Friday Deal 

Rune Special

Duration time: Nov.24 00:00-Nov.26 23:59(Server time).

The best value pack available this season!

Limited Time Offer 

Duration time: Nov.24 00:00-Nov.26 23:59(GMT). 

                          Nov.23 19:00-Nov.26 18:59(EST).

Recharge during Limited Time Offer event to gain more gold! Only for iGamemore. 

Winter Pack

Duration time: Nov.24 00:00-Nov.26 23:59(GMT). 

                           Nov.23 19:00-Nov.26 18:59(EST).

Winter pack is an extra bonus for recharging a certain amount of gold via Skrill. Four different packs can be collected (Each account can only redeem each kind of pack once).

$2.99, $4.99, $9.99 - Winter Pack I (Gem Insignia Shards x 40, Nevalth Ring Shards x 10, Mount Crystal x 20, Feathers x 20)

$29.99, $59.99 - Winter Pack II  (Gem Insignia x 2, Dazenth Ring Shards x10, Gaia Double Ring Shards x10, Refine Stones x 200)

$99.99 - Winter Pack III (Gem Insignia x 4, Epic rune:Aries x 1, Orion Ring Shards x 10, Cascade Ring Shards x 10)

$199.99 - Winer Pack IV (Gem Insignia x 8, Epic rune:Aries x 3, Orion Ring Shards x 30, Cascade Ring Shards x 30)


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