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Update Version 1.1

Dec 23 2016
Update Version 1.1

Dear Champions,

In just a month, we have received a lot of feedback for Nidia. Based on these feedbacks we have decided to roll out an update just before x’mas that you will hopefully enjoy during your holidays. Below you will find the changes that we will be making based on the feedback from you.

Maintenance Date : Dec 23rd

Maintenance Time : EST 1:00 AM, UTC 6:00AM

It is expected to last no longer than an hour!

Kargasa’s Call:

New Updates :
1. Introducing new Legendary Equipment – Character interface will now include both Fashion and Legendary Equipment options. Players can equip normal equipment, demonic equipment, and also Legendary Equipment. Legendary Equipment can be refined and enhanced.
2. Dragon Ring can now be upgraded to Lv. 200.
3. Dragon Wings Training Pill Maximum limit has been increased – only available for Rank 10 Wings. Mount Training Pill and Mount Growth Pill Maximum limit has been increased – only available for Rank 15 Mount.

New Adjustments:
1. Unlocked “Construct” for EVO 4 and above Legendary Equipment.
2. Added new items to Treasure Hunt Exchange (using Treasure Hunt pts.)
a. Potential b. Evolution Pill c. Gem EXP d. Meteor Steel
3.Evolution Shrine BOSS refresh time shortened by 50%. EVO 10 and above BOSSes in Evolution Shrine will be changed to the NEW Nether Tree BOSS – will drop high EVO equipment.
4. New drops for EVO 1 and above BOSSes – 
a. Mount Crystal b. Feathers c. 1000 Potential
5.Added new items to some sign-in rewards – a. Mount Crystal b. Feathers c. 1000 Potential
6. Legendary Equipment can only be constructed from equipment that is in the bag (cannot be constructed with equipped equipment). If two pieces of equipment has been enhanced, you will not be able to construct it.

Further Adjustments:
1. Title stats can now be combined and accumulated.
2. Pet Interface has been changed.
3. System for placing Pet Emblem has been made simpler.
4. When PvPing in Glowing Caverns, you will no longer be able to leave the dungeon.


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