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Nidia Christmas Event

Dec 19 2017
Nidia Christmas Event

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way~~

Santa Claus is coming to Nidia! Let's check what presents he will bring!

Event Time: 12.21-12.27

There will be a Christmas gift for all of you in the Christmas Eve!

By slaying mobs and completing daily dungeons quest, you have a chance of receiving tokens, which can be exchanged for awesome rewards ("Merry Christmas to you" title and exclusive materials)! Collect as many tokens as possible, to exchange for what you want! 

Receive a "Happy Christmas" title (awesome stats) as you recharge a certain amount!


Also, Boss Lightbearer will drop exclusive equipment during the limited timeframe. Your hero deserves some great looking attire!


Nidia Christmas Event Nidia Christmas Event Dec 19 2017